Welcome to the Zero Prim RezzBox wiki! :)

The RezzBox is a temp rezzer, a tool for the virtual world Second Life which lets a resident use more prims than usually available on their land.

The latest release of the RezzBox is v3.37.

MUST READ: Troubleshooting - FAQ English - Manual English

Beware of illegal, broken RezzBox rip-offs!! READ THIS if you have v 2.54

Current Versions:

  • RezzBox Standard 3.33
  • RezzBox Unlimited 3.35
  • RezzBox Holodeck 3.37

Editions and Add-ons:



  • RezzBox_Unlimited_x.xx
  • Memory_Unlimited_x.xx
  • RezzBox_Standard_x.xx
  • Memory_Standard_x.xx
  • Rezzee_x.xx
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