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Q: I can't touch the RezzBox or can't get the control menu/dialog you're talking about in the manual.
A: Are you trying to work on the delivery box (blue) ? Unpack that and use the real RezzBox that's inside (yellow).

Q: The objects in the RezzBox all rez multiple times and use all my prims! This doesn't work!
A: You most certainly forgot to make these objects temporary before you put them ito the RezzBox.

Q: The objects rezzed with the RezzBox still increase the number of my used prims (in the About Land dialog)
A: Yes, but concentrate on the available number, it doesn't decrease.

Q: Why do the rezzed objects blink?
A: Because the RezzBox (and every other temp/zero prim rezzer) rezzes the objects as temp, so they disappear after a minute or two (and don't count against the limit). The RezzBox then immediately rezzes a new copy of the objects, so it's always there.

Q: But there is a gap when it disappears until it reappears?
A: The lifetime of temp objects depends on the sim you're in. Look at the interval chat command in the Manual to adjust it for your sim.

Q: While positioning, sometimes the objects re-rez in a slightly different position
A: Do the positioning more slowly and hold the object still in its final position for a second. This ensures that SL gets the correct position despite lag and grid snapping.

Q: Can I use the RezzBox accross SIM borders?
A: No, unfortunately not.

Q: Just how far above the limit can I go?
A: I made successfull tests with hundreds of prims above my limit. Some people mention 500. Only the Lindens know for sure.

Q: I can't put the Rezzee script into plants?
A: Yes, unfortunately SL doesn't allow that. But you can use prim plants instead. what-does-sl-have-against-plants

Q: I get a "Heap/Stack Collision" Error
A: There are too many objects in the same RezzBox (SL scripts have very limited memory), just use an additional one.

Q: The RezzBox rezzes my items only once, when I click the "Rez Prims" button, but they don't re-rez after the temp-copies disappear.
A: If you are using the RezzBox on group owned land, make sure that the RezzBox itself is in the correct group!

Q: When I sit on my temp-rezzed chair, it seems to become permanent and its prims DO count again my limit?
A: Yes, that's right, SL makes any temp object permanent as soon as an avatar sits on it. It will become temp again when
they stand up.

Q: I don't get the data block IMed to me when I click Save
A: Check if you are set to Busy or Away; this can cause no data block IM even if all else works perfectly.

Q: All my temp rezzed objects seem to disappear when I go offline or leave the Sim!
A: Check if your land is group owned and if the "group only rez" option is activated. In that case you have to make sure that not only the RezzBox, but also all the objects inside, are set to that group.

Q: With the "RezzBox Unlimited", some rezzed objects seem to disappear if they are too far away from my avatar
A: That's because the SL viewer stops rendering them. But this doesn't affect visibility of the objects to other avatars, it's just a personal view limit.

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