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RezzBox Manual

by Stukas Zephaniah (Matachin Tower)

The RezzBox can do MORE than any other temp / zero prim rezzer!! «

- Completely reworked the code: better performance and memory management!
- Recognizes and stores position AND rotation of your objects
- No haste during placement, no annoying 2 minute limit. Take as long as you like
- Customizable rez interval, so your objects don't blink!
- Object re-rez at EXACTLY the position where you placed them!
- Supports up to 20 objects rezzed from the same RezzBox (That's objects, not single prims. Linked sets count as 1.)
- The rezzed objects move with your RezzBox if you move or rotate it.
- Allow group members to control your RezzBoxes!
- Save and remember the positions of your objects, even if you take it to inventory and re-rez later!
- CAN work on NO-MOD items. Try it, but NO GUARANTEES ON THIS!
- Connect many RezzBoxes together to behave as one (by using the same ID)
- Autostart rezzing feature!
- Free bugfixes and chat support! (Usually fast, but please allow 2 business days)
- Reseller program that makes you money with SLs best temp rezzer! (Ask Stukas Zephaniah)

Does everything the "RezzBox Standard" does and then some!

- Rez your objects in a radius of up to 100m!! The 10m limit is gone!
- Rez up to 50 separate objects!
- Scheduled re-rezzing makes sure that objects are not rezzed all at the same time, but with small pauses in order to minimize lag.


- You MUST have copy permissions on the object you want to rez (this is NOT copy for next owner). Or it will disappear because it gets rezzed as temp!
- DO NOT use colons (:) in the names of the objects that you put into the RezzBox!
- DO NOT place your objects more than 10 meters away from the RezzBox (SecondLife limitation).

For troubleshooting tips, read the FAQ.


- Join the Group " RezzBox User Group", for discussion and user-to-user support of the RezzBox. Let there be community! :)
- Join the group " Update Channel" to receive notifications of updates and bugfixes of products.


Unpack the blue delivery package, OPEN it, go into the new folder in your inventory. The real RezzBox that you want to work it is inside and it's yellow/green.

1. Rez an "EMPTY RezzBox"
2. Put the two scripts "_Memory_xxxxxxxxxxx_x.xx" and "_RezzBox_xxxxxxxxxx_x.xx" from the RezzBox folder in your inventory into its contents.

This step confuses some users, it goes like this:
Right-click the new EMPTY RezzBox, select "Edit". Then click the "More" button in the edit dialog.
Go to the Content tab. Then drag the scripts from your inventory into the contents of the object.

3. Rez your object that you want to use with the RezzBox.
4. Put the "Rezzee x.xx" script into it, just like you did with the RezzBox itself, above.
5. Touch the object to initialize it for use with the RezzBox. VERY IMPORTANT!!!
6. Quickly take that object back to inventory before it disappears! It is now ready for the RezzBox.
7. Place RezzBox somewhere on the ground
8. Put all the objects inside the contents of the RezzBox. Just drag them from your inventory.
9. Touch/Control the RezzBox -> Click the "Rez Prims" button
10. Your objects appear around the RezzBox
11. Click the "Placement" button and place all your objects where you want to have them (not more than 10 meters away)
12. When you're finished, click "Save" and after that "Ignore" to dismiss the blue dialog. Read more about saving permanently below.


If you want to save these positions in the RezzBox forever (even after take/re-rez), copy the data block that gets IMed to you when you click "Save". You can copy it from your chat history.
Then paste it into a notcard named "data" (all lowercase!) and put that notecard into the RezzBox.

Wherever you put that rezzBox on the ground, it will always remember the positions.


/666 hide - To hide your deployed RezzBox
/666 unhide - To un-hide your deployed RezzBox
/666 reset - To reset the memorized positions of your objects
/666 interval <seconds> - To customize the re-rez interval (default is 55 seconds)
/666 start - To start the RezzBox from a script
/666 stop - To stop the RezzBox from a script
/666 groupcontrol - Allow RezzBox to be controlled by group
/666 ownercontrol - Disable group control and restore to owner-only control
/666 menu - To get the RezzBox dialog, if it's buried and you can't touch it

Normally, chat commands go to all RezzBoxes within reach.
All chat commands can be directed at one single RezzBox, by postfixing it with the ID you give it (see next topic).

Example (if ID is = 5): /666 hide5


Put a notecard, which is named "ID" (uppercase!) and contains a UNIQUE number (between 1 and 9999), in its contents.
If you don't do this, the RezzBox will use a random ID and you won't be able to target it directly with a chat command.


With the "RezzBox Unlimited" the old 10m limit is gone!

The RezzBox will set its anchor point at its current location when you click "Rez Prims". The 100m radius will then be relative to that anchor point.
To rez objects that are far away, the RezzBox will warp from one position to the next. This can be confusing if you don't know it. Howsever, if you click "Shut down" or "Placement" the RezzBox will return to the anchor point.

To make things easier if the RezzBox isn't visible, the "menu" chat command (see above) was introduced, so you don't have to search for it. Can take some time until the dialig appears, if the RezzBox is in the middle of the re-rez process.

If you are rezzing above 20 objects, some items may blink, during the first two re-rez cycles, but it will stabilize. The RezzBox will adjust to each specific setup.

Some rezzed objects may seem to disappear if they are too far away from your avatar, because the SL viewer stops rendering them. But this doesn't affect visibility of the objects to other avatars, it's just a personal view limit.


To autostart your RezzBox when it is rezzed, put a notecard named "autostart" in its contents.


The RezzBox supports rotating a whole RezzBox setup, especially useful for zero prim objects that are to be sold to customers, since they don't have the permission to change the setup (position/rotation) of the temp rezzed objects.
But also makes life easier for people who use the RezzBox only for themselfes.

So, simply rotate the rezzBox and all the objects arranged around it will follow the rotation, 360° in any direction.

!!! Only rotate the RezzBox itself when it is shut down and NOT in Placement mode! Unless you know what you're doing :)


The RezzBox allows you to mix permanent and temporary objects. This is useful for setup with parts that are scripted and don't like to be restarted every minute or two.
So you can create zero prim object with only the scripted parts being permanent prims.

Simply postfix an objects name with "_perm" before you put the "Rezzee" script in.


IM Stukas Zephaniah for y free upgrade.
A request will be sent and should be answered within two business days at most.

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