Reseller Kit Manual English

RezzBox Reseller Manual

by Stukas Zephaniah (Matachin Tower)

| Now you can sell the things that you created with the RezzBox.
| Imagine you can sell furniture or even whole rooms (holodecks) that count only as one prim!
| Your customers will break down your door! :)

The "RezzBox Reseller Kit" is an ADD-ON to the cheap, personal versions "RezzBox Standard" and "RezzBox Unlimited".
You need to to a complete setup with one of the personal versions and then work on that with the ResellerKit.
Of course, the version numbers of the personal version and the Reseller Kit must match!


1. Copy the "RezzBox_X.XX_YYYYYYYYY (Resellable)"-Script and "Memory_X.XX_YYYYYYYYY (Resellable)"-Script to your inventory and right there MAKE THEM NO-TRANSFER!!!

1.1 First, to protect your investment, since this resellable version is not excatly cheap.
1.2 Second, it will not work if it isn't NO-TRANS for your customer.
1.3 Don't try to make it TRANS after the setup, the script will stop and you will lose your work.

2. Setup a RezzBox the normal way, right until (and including) the step where you create the data notecard.

3. Delete the "RezzBox_X.XX_YYYYYYYYY"-Script from the RezzBox

4. Put in the "RezzBox Dongle" you got with this Reseller Kit (needed to work with the transferable script)

5. Put in the "RezzBox_X.XX_YYYYYYYYY (Resellable)"-Script and "Memory_X.XX_YYYYYYYYY (Resellable)"-Script which you with this Reseller Kit

6. Test if everything works as you want it

6.1 Make sure that all the objects you put into the RezzBox are COPYable for the next owner, your customer!

7. Take a "working copy" of that RezzBox to your inventory

8. Delete the "RezzBox Dongle" and "zht_OnDemandUpdateCheck" from the RezzBox contents as they are NO-TRANS

9. Take the RezzBox to inventory

9.1 If you rez the RezzBox again, the RezzBox-script will delete itself cause it's missing the dongle.
This will NOT happen to your customer though, IF you set the script to NO-TRANS as described in step 1.
9.2 Either continue work on the copy you took prior to removing the dongle, or repeat steps 4 and 5 to set it up again.

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