Will Not Save Complete Location Information

I found that after I did the first two objects, the second two did not save as well as they should have. I re-read all the literature, and discovered a note about telling the RezzBox to 'Save' the loctions too soon. In deed this was the problem.

In setting up the first two objects, I had become so proficient, that I was telling RezzBox to Save before SL had a chance to secure the position.

It takes a little longer, but here is the way I do positions now: Let RezzBox Rezz the object. BEFORE MAKING THE OBJECT TEMPORARY move it and rotate it: write down where I want it. Then add the scripts/touch/take/add to RezzBox. RezzBox sends out the first temp, I immediately click edit, type in the previously noted information. touch the rezzbox, touch 'Placement' count to 5 and touch 'Save.'

This seems to give the system time to lock the location and save corrrectly

Stukas Zephaniah: The new release of the RezzBox, v3.33, does remember the initial position of the object, where it was when the rezzee script was placed in it.

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