SHOUTING temp_object

There is a recent issue with Rezzbox temp object shouting that they have moved. Here is a description of the problem and two solutions. I can confirm it works.

From Adair Damiano:

English is not my first language so mistakes happen, please try to understand.

The problem began with the SIM software update.
My land is under Le Tigre. I am programmer but, of course, I do not have the source of Rezbox and I am not expert in LSL scripts.
However it is almost obvious that there is a bug in this new version of Le Tigre, where a function is returning incorrect information about the position of rezed objects. Objects rezed under Le tiger are somehow different from those in previous versions.
The problem results in an endless sequence of messages saying that the objects were moved.
To solve the problem that would be enough the resed objects to have the current structure so that information about their position is secured properly.

To solve the problem then take to inventory the resed object and replace what's inside the box rezbox.

No need to put the script inside the objects again, just to take to inventory, erase that is inside box Rezbox, and then put that is in now in inventory to inside of box rezbox.
The messages will stop.

Any questions about this text let me know.
good luck
Adair Damiano

And this advice from Marishka Ixito: "there's no need to take stuff back to inventory, just rightclick/edit the screaming objects (not the rezbox), and then select "save back to object content" from the Build menu. that will silence the scripts

(the build menu may be the Tools menu depending on your viewer)

Good luck everyone.

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